Month: January 2018

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Winter 10 x 10 Challenge: Days 1 – 3

Hi 10 x 10 Friends! Three days down, seven to go. I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s item choices and outfit combinations so far (although I think my favorite ones are always towards the end of the ten days, where we all have to get a little extra creative to change things up)! At the end …

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Dining at noma 1.0


noma, the restaurant by New Nordic Cuisine pioneers Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer, is reopening soon with a new concept, so I thought I’d share our experiences dining at the restaurant’s first iteration back in June 2015. We had a narrow window to decide whether to pursue a reservation as the system opened for  reservations …

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Destination Films and TV Shows to Watch

Before we travel we are usually very busy planning an itinerary. While it may seem counterintuitive to spend time that could be used for creating a travel plan, we always dedicate a couple of hours to watching TV shows and films set in, or about, the place we are planning to visit. We often gain helpful …

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Four Days in Memphis, Tennessee

About a year before we visited Nashville, we visited Memphis, Tennessee (I imagine most people visit those two cities in the opposite order). This was back in July 2016, nearly nine months before we started this blog. I plan on sharing some of our past trips in this space this year; I hope you don’t mind!