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Who are you and what are you doing here?

Good question. He’s Michael and she’s Krystal. We’ve been together since 2008 with no indication of things stopping. 

Then why aren’t you married yet?  

Stop interrupting, Mom, I’m still answering the first question.

A few years after college, the idea was suggested to take a trip to England and France. “That’s so expensive and so far out of our grasp!” we thought.  “There’s no way we can afford that on our entry level salaries.”  But the idea stuck, and the “but what ifs” started. What if we ate out less?  What if we saved a little?  What if we spent the time researching the best prices and planned everything ourselves?  Maybe… just maybe it could be something we could do.  And we did.  And we haven’t looked back.  

We’ll never pretend to be experts on travel – the truth is we are bound by our daytime jobs (that we love!) and don’t have the time or resources to commit to being full-time travelers.  Most of our trips are dictated by days off rather than money (okay, yes, definitely money too.  More on that another time).  There are many other sites out there to help you get to your destination. We’re here just trying to figure out tomorrow and sharing what we’ve found yesterday.

Who’s writing these posts anyway? A couple’s-blog? Are you serious?

Chances are, it’s probably Krystal writing these posts (hey! Like right now!), and Michael will be rapidly deleting commas and reining her in.  Michael seems much happier to go with the flow, but this page wouldn’t exist without his mad computer + camera skills. We’ve started this thing organically – without letting our friends and families know about it, and without purchasing likes/followers on social media.

How can you afford to take these trips?

I guess another time has arrived, though you probably can figure out the answer. We are two people sharing one house, with two incomes and no children. We’ve both worked hard and also have had our fair share of blessings in life.  We have no debt. We rent, which would be a sacrifice to many, but makes sense to us. We pack our own lunches, make our own coffee at home, and pick up extra income when we can. We enjoy free events in our town for entertainment, don’t have cable, and make use of our local library. It’s really quite simple – once your most basic needs are met (food, clothing, shelter, health), your money tends to follow your happiness… or what you think will bring you happiness. The truth is, you don’t need that trendy clothing item (that will either fall apart or be outdated in six months) or that daily takeout or that *BRANDNEWELECTRONICTHING* to bring you happiness. Our culture feeds into that and we thrive (or more accurately, starve) off of chasing that new thing.  It’s taken years to try to shake that itch of wanting “stuff.”  We started traveling before reading about minimalism principles, but after doing so, it’s allowed us to travel further and smarter. Packing has gotten easier because we’ve edited down our closets. Enjoying our destinations has gotten more meaningful, because we’ve reduced the urge to shop in a new place (though let’s be honest – this still happens!). Since spending time trying to understand marketing ploys and reducing screentime, the acquiring of excess that is encouraged in America has become almost sickening to us. Our friends and families describe what we’re doing as “jetsetting,” but really it’s served to slow life down and make it more meaningful.

(Update: You can now read our post here with more details)

What are you doing when you’re not traveling?

Probably the same things you are! Working a normal weekday 9-5 job, eating, sleeping, laundry, going to the gym (one of our few monthly expenses – we love our local YMCA!), spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and reading. Krystal spends time baking and Michael spends time napping.

How are your photos taken?

For the most part, with our Android phones. While we may occasionally slip in a few shots from the DSLR, it’s really bulky to travel with and can put a target on your back as a “tourist.”  Phones it is!

So what do you have to offer?

Encouragement! Some advice, probably mostly from our mistakes (like that time Krystal ate yeast in Norway, instead of butter or that time Michael made us miss the train because he lost – and then later found – his passport in his suitcase). Another point of view about a destination. A willingness to step outside of our comfort zones and try new things and sharing what we’ve learned. Things we’ve found and loved along the way. Although, to be honest, we’re also totally comfortable in our comfort zone.  We love wine and chocolate in every country and in every language.

Okay, but why am I really here?

You tell me! No, but really, tell us! A) we’d like to get to know you and, B) let’s try to figure this thing out (whatever this is) together. We’ll see you most weeks on Mondays and Thursdays, with occasional breaks when we’re, you know, actually traveling.

Got a question other than what’s here? Comment below or email us at waywardbloggers@gmail.com

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  1. I tried leaving a post on your 10×10 challenge day 10, but it was blocked. Trying it here.

    Hi! Just reviewing your 10×10 challenge and I love it!
    Btw, I think you look great with your hair up! The color of your hair and skin is gorgeous. Nothing to hide there. You are beautiful!
    I want to try the Everlane loafers. You are inspiring me. 🙂

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