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Tea at the Boston Public Library

We spent the July 4th weekend in Boston, Massachusetts (how patriotic of us!) wandering the cobblestone streets to celebrate Michael’s (belated) 30th birthday. I love the tradition of afternoon tea, and how could we not have our own Boston Tea Party while in the city? Several locations in the city serve afternoon tea, but after …

Destinations, Food, Massachusetts, Restaurants, Travel, USA

North Square Oyster – Boston, Massachusetts

Well, we didn’t get in to Neptune Oyster. The Boston restaurant is well-known both for its seafood and incredibly long lines (just Google it – you’ll read about both just in the page summaries). We arrived around 2:30 p.m., hungry for a late lunch, and I weaseled my way inside to inquire about getting a …

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Milktooth, Indianapolis, Indiana

Milktooth Front

My birthday was a few weeks ago, and since it was on a Sunday (and Easter Sunday at that) I wanted to take advantage of the occasion and get away for the weekend. We looked for flights that would fit the bill, and when it came time to decide between the final few cities, Michael said to pick a city that had a place I wanted to eat and so we booked.