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Dining at noma 1.0


noma, the restaurant by New Nordic Cuisine pioneers Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer, is reopening soon with a new concept, so I thought I’d share our experiences dining at the restaurant’s first iteration back in June 2015. We had a narrow window to decide whether to pursue a reservation as the system opened for  reservations …

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Four Days in Memphis, Tennessee

About a year before we visited Nashville, we visited Memphis, Tennessee (I imagine most people visit those two cities in the opposite order). This was back in July 2016, nearly nine months before we started this blog. I plan on sharing some of our past trips in this space this year; I hope you don’t mind!

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Three Days in Providence, RI

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas early by flying north for three days to Providence, Rhode Island. We selected Providence because the airfare was in our price range, the flight times worked with our schedule, hotel prices were reasonable, and we’d hoped to see snow (despite my family’s insistence that you always fly south in the winter). …

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A Three-Day Weekend in NYC

This was not your typical New York City trip. There was no Statue of Liberty involved, no shuffling through Times Square, no trip to the top of the Empire State Building, and only one museum. It’s our umpteenth time visiting NYC over the past few years, so we spent our time exploring some of the …

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Tea at the Boston Public Library

We spent the July 4th weekend in Boston, Massachusetts (how patriotic of us!) wandering the cobblestone streets to celebrate Michael’s (belated) 30th birthday. I love the tradition of afternoon tea, and how could we not have our own Boston Tea Party while in the city? Several locations in the city serve afternoon tea, but after …

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North Square Oyster – Boston, Massachusetts

Well, we didn’t get in to Neptune Oyster. The Boston restaurant is well-known both for its seafood and incredibly long lines (just Google it – you’ll read about both just in the page summaries). We arrived around 2:30 p.m., hungry for a late lunch, and I weaseled my way inside to inquire about getting a …

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da Enzo al 29 – Rome, Italy

For our last meal in Rome, we knew we had to eat somewhere amazing, we just didn’t know where. Not wanting to suffer through another touristy spot, we consulted both the internet and our Airbnb hosts’ recommendations. We’d found that a lot of places require reservations, and we knew we needed to figure out a …

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An Almost-Sugar Shack Experience in Montreal

We tried to get to a Sugar Shack.  Really, we did. Over Spring Break we visited Montreal for the first time, and after trying many of the city’s diverse food options, we knew we wanted to cap our visit with a trip to a Sugar Shack (or Cabane à Sucre if you speak French – unfortunately …