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Four Days in Memphis, Tennessee

About a year before we visited Nashville, we visited Memphis, Tennessee (I imagine most people visit those two cities in the opposite order). This was back in July 2016, nearly nine months before we started this blog. I plan on sharing some of our past trips in this space this year; I hope you don’t mind!

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Traveling Light: Nashville, Tennessee Packing List

Last week I shared what we did on our overnight trip to Nashville, Tennessee. In today’s post, I’ll share what I packed for the trip. We will often share a carry on when we pack for an overnight trip, but as we planned to do a little shopping in Nashville, we each brought our own …

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36 Hours in Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday we celebrated the fact that it’s been nine years since Michael awkwardly asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I said, “I guess that sounds alright.” (Kidding. He wasn’t that awkward about it). In the weeks leading up to our anniversary weekend, we began looking for flights. As I’ve mentioned before, …