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My Current Travel Purses

One of the things I fretted about most when we started traveling was “what purse do I bring?” I needed something that would hold my essentials for the day while still allowing me to be hands-free, and would keep the items inside secure from pick-pockets, a somewhat common occurrence in touristic areas in Europe. Before …

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Fall Travel Wish List

–California, October, 2015– We’re still facing 90°+ days here in Florida, and to be honest I’m starting to feel a little tired of summer. My Instagram feed is beginning to fill with colorful leaves and sweaters, and I’m beginning to get anxious for my favorite fashion season, Fall. In past seasons, I’ve picked up cheap, trendy …

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Traveling Light: Favorite Travel Shoes for Women

It’s inevitable.

As soon as I mention that I only bring a carry on suitcase when I travel somewhere, no matter the length of the trip, I hear it from almost everyone.

“How can you do that? I mean, the shoes alone would take up all the space in my carry on bag.”

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First Impressions of The Carry-On by Away

Away in Miami

My last suitcase hasn’t totally bitten the dust yet, but I’m starting to get more nervous about taking it on long trips as its zippers are starting to get wonky. I finally made the choice for a possible replacement when I read about Away’s luggage features and their 100 day guarantee. After scoring my last suitcase (sold out) on clearance …