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Ten Tips for Saving Money in Norway

Here’s something we didn’t know before planning our Scandinavian adventure during the summer of 2015: Norway is absurdly expensive. All three of the countries we visited on that trip (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) were expensive, but Norway took the cake. This article from that same year, cited Norway as having the second highest cost of living. …

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Traveling Light: Kansas City Packing List

Over the Labor Day weekend we visited Kansas City, Missouri (you can read about what we did over the weekend here, here, and here) and had a blast! Today I’m going to share what I packed and wore each day. You’ll note this looks similar to my Nashville list, and will probably look similar to …

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Traveling Light: Nashville, Tennessee Packing List

Last week I shared what we did on our overnight trip to Nashville, Tennessee. In today’s post, I’ll share what I packed for the trip. We will often share a carry on when we pack for an overnight trip, but as we planned to do a little shopping in Nashville, we each brought our own …