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Fall 10 x 10 – Day Three

Finally feeling a little more inventive!

Wednesday, 7:45 a.m.

Today I had a couple of meetings with students and staff, but otherwise it was a normal day in the office. No errands today before or after work, just there and back before coming home to get ready for kickboxing.

Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. – Outfit still in good shape!

Outfit Details:

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Vintage Eyeglass Necklace (linked to similar)
Cuff Bracelet from FashionABLE (no longer available, linked to similar)
Bow Back Top (old from Ann Taylor; link to similar here, without bow detail)
Sheath Dress from Target
Crossbody Pouch from Cuyana
Everlane Loafers (new to Everlane? Head here first for free shipping!)

I think this is only the second time I’ve worn a top over a dress to create a “top-and-skirt” look, which is shocking to me!  I really wanted to add a belt to this outfit at first, but the top hits at a strange point on my hips, which means the belt, the hem of the shirt, and the hem of the dress create a weird row of parallel lines. There is too much fabric at the base of the shirt to try to simply roll it under, so instead I knotted the top off to the side with a little help from a rubber band. It adds a little visual interest to the front and I still get to keep access to my pockets. The back also has some detail at the neck, but I don’t feel like these details are in competition with each other, even with a statement necklace added.

I love dressing in all black, and this outfit was no exception. A few pops of gold here and there, like my vintage necklace, bracelet, zipper, and purse hardware help keep this outfit feeling alive. I wanted to wear my hair up all day to showcase the back-detailing, but my hair had other ideas.

To help this outfit feel like true Fall rather than 90° Florida Fall, I would add a pair of black tights. I would hate to lose out on the bow detailing, so I would avoid wearing this on a really chilly day where I might need a jacket or coat.

Item Spotlight: Bow Back Top

I purchased this top several years ago during my local Ann Taylor’s store closing sale. I actually purchased it in two colors, since I liked the detailing so much. I opted for the all-black top during the 10 x 10 (my other one is an almost-white cream with black trim) to minimize stains and laundry during the challenge. The length is just-right for wearing with pants or tucking into skirts. My only complaint is occasionally the shirt stretches out a little by the end of the day. A quick trip through the washing machine usually helps tighten things back up. Our new(ish) home does not have space for a clothes-dryer, but I’ve always made sure to line-dry these tops. They both still look as good as they did the day I purchased them, and have been great, easy workplace staples ever since.

First quarter complete and I’m feeling more excited about my current wardrobe already! How are things going so far for you?

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