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We should be pretty good at packing but it’s much harder this time around.

Instead of traveling around the world, this time we’re traveling across town to a new home.

Renting has allowed us the freedom to travel by not planting roots too deep or incurring any debt, yet it has its drawbacks. Back in May, after landing for our layover in Philadelphia before heading onto Italy, I received an email from a real estate agent who had been tapped by the owners of our rental to sell our condo when the lease ended. This meant we would have less than two months to find a new home – a time-frame made even shorter as we were currently on our way to Europe for two weeks. Learning this definitely made it tough to sleep on the already-rough overnight flight ahead.

Fast-forward a bit and here we are, packing up our lives and moving across town. Since reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year, we’ve been slowly releasing extraneous items from our home which has helped immensely during this process. It’s tough to abandon the place you’ve lived for the past three years and the comfortable routine you’ve settled into.

It’s strange as well, because we don’t have any trips on the horizon, and to be honest that adds a little anxiety to this already stressful situation. We did visit Boston over the July 4th holiday, though this was already somewhat planned before we got the boot. So for now, we’re working on packing up our things, getting rid of even more things than we did the first go-round (it is truly amazing how easy it is to let go of “must-haves” when you stop and consider having to pack, transport, and move that item to a new place!), and creating a space in our new home that will be one we love to return to after traveling.

Are you a renter as well? What are the challenges you face as a result of your decision not to buy?

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