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Fall 10 x 10 – Day Five

Halfway there! I’m not feeling anxious about getting back to my full wardrobe yet, though I suppose it’s because I haven’t really re-worn too many of my items yet. I’ll just have to wait until day nine or ten to see how I truly feel. Anyway, it’s Friday, Casual Friday, and it’s now officially the weekend! Folks …

Not Travel, Outfits

Fall 10 x 10 – Day Three

Finally feeling a little more inventive! Today I had a couple of meetings with students and staff, but otherwise it was a normal day in the office. No errands today before or after work, just there and back before coming home to get ready for kickboxing. Outfit Details: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Vintage Eyeglass Necklace (linked to …

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Ten Tips for Saving Money in Norway

Here’s something we didn’t know before planning our Scandinavian adventure during the summer of 2015: Norway is absurdly expensive. All three of the countries we visited on that trip (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) were expensive, but Norway took the cake. This article from that same year, cited Norway as having the second highest cost of living. …