Month: June 2017

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da Enzo al 29 – Rome, Italy

For our last meal in Rome, we knew we had to eat somewhere amazing, we just didn’t know where. Not wanting to suffer through another touristy spot, we consulted both the internet and our Airbnb hosts’ recommendations. We’d found that a lot of places require reservations, and we knew we needed to figure out a …

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Traveling Light: Favorite Travel Shoes for Women

It’s inevitable.

As soon as I mention that I only bring a carry on suitcase when I travel somewhere, no matter the length of the trip, I hear it from almost everyone.

“How can you do that? I mean, the shoes alone would take up all the space in my carry on bag.”

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It’s Nice to be Nice… (or “How we survived over 24 hours with the most miserable people ever.”)

“If you don’t know it already, your flight has been cancelled,” she said over the intercom, almost mockingly. We’d been at the Milan airport for almost nine hours. We’d shopped all there was to shop, eaten all we could manage to eat, and surfed the internet as much as the slow airport service would provide. …

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Gifts for the Wayward Father

It feels like as soon as Mother’s Day is over it’s time to start stressing about what to get my dad and my stepdad for Father’s Day (that’s June 18th, for those of you here in the US).  In the same boat?  We’ve got a few things that we think will make your dad’s day: 1. …

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Essential Phrases for Traveling

We booked our trip to Italy only a month and a half in advance which didn’t give us much time to plan, let alone learn a new language! Planning took priority of course; we wanted to make sure we had places to stay and a means of getting there. Between those, we watched YouTube videos and flipped through our Italian Phrasebook to try to get an idea of how a native speaker sounds and to learn a few key words and phrases.