Month: May 2017

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An Almost-Sugar Shack Experience in Montreal

We tried to get to a Sugar Shack.  Really, we did. Over Spring Break we visited Montreal for the first time, and after trying many of the city’s diverse food options, we knew we wanted to cap our visit with a trip to a Sugar Shack (or Cabane à Sucre if you speak French – unfortunately …

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Miami’s Wynwood District

Wynwood Walls

As part of the application process for the US Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry Program, we had to attend an in-person interview at one of their Enrollment Centers.  None of the airports near us had weekend hours, and the thought of sacrificing a vacation day to visit during the week didn’t sit well, so …

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Milktooth, Indianapolis, Indiana

Milktooth Front

My birthday was a few weeks ago, and since it was on a Sunday (and Easter Sunday at that) I wanted to take advantage of the occasion and get away for the weekend. We looked for flights that would fit the bill, and when it came time to decide between the final few cities, Michael said to pick a city that had a place I wanted to eat and so we booked.

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Gifts for the Wayward Mother

Quick PSA: Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day here in the USA.   Okay, okay, stop freaking out – we’ve got your back, but you have to get on it.  Below you’ll find a few items that you can order for your mother-figure and likely receive in time (just make sure you order soon, and choose …

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33 Hour Birthday Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana

Mass Ave

Back in March, we began looking for a cheap flight over my birthday weekend. We didn’t have any particular place in mind, really, we just wanted to take off and go someplace else. As my birthday fell on Easter weekend this year, the flight costs were way higher than in the past, but we still had a few options. We decided on Indianapolis, Indiana because the price was right, I had Southwest points to use, we could get around without renting a car by using Uber/Lyft, and the times worked out well (leaving early-ish Saturday, arriving late Sunday night) for an overnight trip. Plus, I’ve wanted to visit Milktooth for awhile, which you’ll hear about in a later post.

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First Impressions of The Carry-On by Away

Away in Miami

My last suitcase hasn’t totally bitten the dust yet, but I’m starting to get more nervous about taking it on long trips as its zippers are starting to get wonky. I finally made the choice for a possible replacement when I read about Away’s luggage features and their 100 day guarantee. After scoring my last suitcase (sold out) on clearance …