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Fall 10 x 10 – Day One

The first day of my first 10 x 10 Challenge! (Confused? Check out my last post and then go see how this all started).

It was really nice to wake up this morning and have my outfit already selected (I’m usually bad about waiting to pick what I want to wear until that morning). Getting ready was made even easier as I just got a haircut yesterday, and no styling was needed.

Monday – 7:30 a.m.

Our department’s monthly budget meeting was today, which called for wearing something that felt a little more like traditional office wear. I usually bring my own laptop to these meetings, opting to work on my MacBook Air rather than the communal Dell laptops my office uses. Since I work at a college and there are students my age, I often feel like I have to dress up a little more than others as a way to be taken seriously, and to be honest, it really does kind of feel like I’m playing dress up. I’m hoping through this challenge I’ll either be able to feel more comfortable in “grown-up” clothes or be able to tailor my favorite wardrobe pieces into workplace appropriate outfits that feel like “me.”

Outside of work, the only other place I wore this outfit was dropping off a shipment for a sale I made on Poshmark on the way home. The rest of the evening consisted of a bootcamp/weightlifting class at the gym followed by (a shower and) dinner and Netflix at home.

Monday, 4:30 p.m.

I was glad to see that the dress held up all day without wrinkling or stretching out. Though it was hot out, I wasn’t outside long enough in it to sweat, so it’s good to go for another wear or two before washing. I’ll probably spray it with a fabric refresher, like this one by The Laundress that I’m currently using. Mine says it’s made for wool and cashmere and I should probably just purchase the standard one since it’s on sale at Bloomingdales for Friends and Family.

Today’s Outfit

Cuyana Silk Striped Scarf
Gold Arch Earrings (old – linked to similar)
Target Sheath Dress
Ankle Wrap Flats (old – linked to similar)
11″ MacBook Air (linked to current model)

How I would “Fall-ify” my outfit: With the temperature reaching 90°F here for most days of the Fall 10 x 10, you’ll see that many of my outfits aren’t necessarily Fall-like. If the temperature were cooler, I would lose the light-colored scarf, add black tights, toss on my blazer and probably swap in my loafers. Truth talk: I will likely bring my blazer to work with me every day during this challenge as my office thermostat is set to arctic blast.

Item Spotlight: Shift Dress

Each day I’ll highlight one of my ten pieces, and I’ll kick things off with what is turning out to be a closet workhorse: this sheath dress from Target.

I’ve been trying to detach myself from fast-fashion, and so far it’s been a pretty clean break. I’ve saved up for specific pieces, purchased items slowly, and looked for alternatives to (or abstained from buying) low-quality, non-ethically made items. When Target launched it’s new collection for women called A New Day, I promised myself I wouldn’t end up buying any of their garments. But then I found myself needing to purchase something to get my total over $25 so my order would be shipped free, and well, I saw this dress and thought, “I can just buy it and return it.” But I didn’t return it. This is the first sheath-style dress I’ve ever been able to wear comfortably over my hips, and it has pockets. I’m sad because the quality is about as you would expect from Target, and the fabric has pilled a little underneath the arms after one wash. I know it won’t last forever, but I do feel a refreshing sense of confidence in this dress, and you’ll see it often throughout my 10×10 as a base to many of my tops. Once it passes its prime, I’d like to find a better-made replacement; until then, I want to wear it and care for it so this garment wasn’t produced in vain. Even though I’ve purchased from a fast-fashion giant, it doesn’t mean I have to complete the cycle of purchase-wear-trash-repeat.

See you tomorrow for Day Two! How is your 10 x 10 going so far?

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